Marine Protected Area (MPA) of Bamboung

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At the fringes of the Saloum Delta, an inlet (or: "bolong") catches the traveller’s attention in the evenings when fishes jump and barracudas slide. An exceptional site between land and sea, situated in the meandering Sine Saloum delta where dense mangrove and majestic baobab trees make up the landscape.

This marine and coastal natural heritage used to be under stress due to human activities, such as fishing, hunting, destruction of habitats and different forms of pollution.

Based on these observations and in order to ensure the sustainable regeneration of local fish resources, Oceanium, requested by 14 villages in the rural community of Toubacouta, has successfully created the first functional community-based Marine Protected Area (CMPA) in West Africa: the CMPA of Bamboung.

Some highlights on the process of creation

In 2001, the process of creation of the MPA was initiated by our teams. The objective was to raise awareness among 30 000 inhabitants of 14 peripheral villages and to mobilise them for the project. In 2003, a watchtower was built, signposts were placed and fishing was prohibited in the entire inlet (around 16 km)to allow the regeneration of that ecosystem. In 2004, a presidential decree formalised the establishment of the CMPA. In this way,7000 hectares of natural area have been put under conservation.

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