The Bijagos archipelago (Guinea-Bissau)

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Situated along the coast of Guinea-Bissau, the archipelagos of Bijagos is one of the best preserved and protected archipelagos in the world.

With less than 30.000 inhabitants in an area of around 2600 km², the Bijagos is one of the least inhabitated places in the world.

Its biodiversity is exceptional. The isles of Orango and Urok, for example, are classified «National Park » and «Community-based Marine Protected Area» respectively. Both accomodate unique species’ like sea hippos, as well as threatened species’ as the sawfish, sea turtles and different rays.

Tourism in the Bijagos is ideal for travelers, who have time and respect for the environment. And for those who know how to look at the exceptional beauty of its nature and the culture of its population.

If you are in a trip to the Bijagos, Oceanium recommends two local associations, which are engaged in the protection of the environment:
Tiniguena ( and Noé Conservation ( For a departure from Senegal, Oceanium can provide its means of logistics at your service (hiring a boat, etc.).

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