Keur Bamboung eco-lodge

Oceanium created a venue for tourists called "Keur Bamboung" in order to ensure the sustainability of our project, including the financial independence of the CMPA monitoring unit. Around twenty natives of the nearby village run the camp site, which can host about thirty tourists.

Feel welcome in paradise

Located on a bank of the bolong, Keur Bamboung natural paradise allows us to appreciate nature at its fair value [not sure what this means?]. We offer spacious rooms in huts built from traditional materials that combine tradition and comfort. The walls are made from mud-brick, the roofs are thatched.

There are two types of rooms: simple ones ideal for couples, and double rooms for up to six people. Each room has a separate toilet and an outdoor shower. The light works with solar electricity. A central room provides food and drinks.

Seasons : Sudano-Sahelian climate with two seasons: rainy season (winter) from July to September, with monsoon and high humidity. Dry season the rest of the year. Mild temperature during day time (23 to 27 ° C) and cool at night (22 to 17 °). Possibility of sandstorms.
Precautions : yellow fever vaccination and malaria treatment recommended.

Recommended equipment : Insect repellent, light clothing (long sleeves), high protection sunblock, flashlight, swimsuit, sandals or plastic shoes for walking in shallow water, sunscreen hat or cap.

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The rooms at Keur Bamboung (Copyright: Hellio & Van Ingen).


The restaurant, located in the centre of the camp, is built in the same way as the rooms. With a capacity of 50 seats, it offers unique local specialties of high quality. Whenever possible, local products are being used.

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Located in open nature, the restaurant is a friendly and relaxing place (Copyright: Hellio & van Ingen).

Rental for party (including band)

The space can be rented for events accompanied by traditional music. Just contact the camp team for details (see reservation section).

Booking :

Gérante: Dominique Séne

Cellphone: + 221 77 510 80 13

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