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Organisers, agro-engineers, scuba divers: our team consists of professionals, interns and volunteers coming from Senegal and around the globe (West Africa, Europe,...).

In Dakar: headquarters of the association and diver’s club

Though Oceanium’s core activities take place in the field, all the projects of the association are coordinated by our administrative and financial team in Dakar. At our headquarters in the centre of Dakar (Plateau, "Petite Corniche Est" road, behind the Presidential Palace), you will also find the team of the diver’s club and our hostel.

In the field: our regional bases in Toubacouta, Bignona, Tambacounda and Kolda

In the regions, Oceanium maintains four offices to realise its environmental activities. The ones in Toubacouta (Sine Saloum) and Bignona (Casamance) work on Marine Protected Areas and reforestation. The ones in Tambacounda (Sénégal oriental) and Kolda (Casamance), called "green banks", work on economic support of women’s groups. Finally, Oceanium has set up a network of sentinels for coastal as well as land areas for early warning, e.g. in cases of pollution, bush fires or sea cows in danger.

Our partners: foundations, scientists, universities and media

In order to successfully sustain our efforts for the protection of natural resources, Oceanium involves a number of partners, namely: public authorities, such as the rural community administrations (communautés rurales), financial partners, like FIBA (Fondation Internationale du Banc d’Arguin) and the Yves Rocher Foundation as well as national and international media. On the scientific side, we cooperate with institutions like the Institute for Development Research, Marseille (IRD) and the Senegalese Institute for Fishing and Aqua Culture (IUPA). In terms of diving, the association partners, among others, with Longitude 181 and the French Federation of Sub-marine Sports and Studies (FFESSM).

Oceanium at a glance :

  • Approximately 30 employees (more than 150 during the mangrove reforestation period);
  • Headquarters in Dakar and four regional bases;
  • Network of people who monitor coastal environments;
  • Approximately 20 partners.

Ensemble, protégeons notre planète !


Route de la petite Corniche Est BP 2224 Dakar Sénégal +221 338 22 24 41 +221 338 42 40 52

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