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Community huts in Pointe Saint-Georges

A project like that in the Petit Kassa is planned to be in place soon in the village of Pointe Saint-Georges as well. At the moment, you can stay with Ousmane Sonko (77 575 83 95) or with Pierre Diémé, head of the village (77 522 May 68), in the form of a "home stay" in a pleasant setting next to the river, in a tent under a mosquito net. Cost per night: 2000 FCFA.

Community huts in the Petit Kassa

At the heart of Petit Kassa, another traditional-style community hut has been built with a clear view on the paddy fields and the nearby village of Haere. This place invites travellers to stay a night or two to enjoy the the tranquility and simplicity of life on the islands. The hut has four separate rooms fully equipped with locally crafted furniture (beds, tables, chairs, shelfs) made by Rônier palms. An on-site restaurant will also cook traditional local cuisine for you. Income generated through this lodging option is used to ensure the financial independence of the ICCA.


Out of respect for the local residents, travellers who want to camp are urged to request authorisation from the head of the village. Keep in mind, there are many sacred and preserved places.


There is not yet a proper community-run restaurant in Pointe St. George, but you can order food and eat with Ousmane Sonko (77 575 83 95) or with Pierre Diémé, the head of the village (77 522 05 68). In a magnificent compound right next to the Casamance river he offers full meals for 3000 FCFA or a family meal (communal) for 2000 FCFA. There is also an option to stay overnight (2000 FCFA).

In the Petit Kassa, a community-run restaurant has been established, linked to one of the community’s huts. In any case, if you plan to go there, contact us in advance so that the locals can prepare supplies for you.

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