The fight against pollution

Addressing marine pollution, mostly caused by human activity, Oceanium’s widespread actions aim at raising awareness and changing behaviour.

The « set-setal »

Every year, events to clean the sea bed (e.g. operation abandoned fish nets), beaches and fishing piers are organised. During these set-setals (public community cleaning events) neighbourhood associations, fishing communities and schools pick up and sort many tons of waste within one day. Oceanium mobilises people for that and provides its logistics, such as diving equipment, boats and trucks.

Environmental weeks

Environment weeks help to raise awareness and mobilise thousands of people on the issues of waste management and environmental protection. Oceanium and its many partners conduct campaigns for environmental protection, environmental education, cleaning of sea beds, coastal areas and suburbs of Dakar.

Informing and alerting the public

Thanks to its reputation and its achievements, Oceanium benefits from a very good standing in the national and international media. This enables us to inform the media whenever large-scale pollution would occur, as was the case in the "battle" against the garbage ship Orient Flowers, or when a foreign ship dumped several tons of oil onto the beach, as well as about Sénélec, a public company, which empties its waste into the bay of Rufisque.

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Ensemble, protégeons notre planète !